The Ultimate Guide to Content Collection

A mini course for web designers who want better client workflows.

In this mini course you'll learn...

  • what information to collect from your client in order to design a high-converting website
  • when to collect this information in your workflow
  • how this one step will impact your client workflow and make your project run smoother


Plus, receive a copy of the exact content collection document that changed my workflow for the better once implemented into my business!

Your Instructor

Kristen Ellis
Kristen Ellis

I’m a WordPress expert with two college degrees in psychology and fashion merchandising management and a background in eCommerce.

After realizing that being a psychologist wasn’t the right career path for me, I found myself working in the eCommerce industry for about 5 years.

During my time in the corporate world, I ran tests on websites to learn about things like…

  • The percentage of people who see the 2nd and 3rd slides in a rotating banner
  • What types of copy make people click on a button
  • How far down a page people are willing to scroll on desktop versus mobile

With each test, I learned a bit more about the consumer mind and what takes an ordinary website to the next level. The fact that consumers unconsciously purchase specific products because of where they’re placed on a website (or store shelf) and shoppers browse websites (or walk through stores) in a specific way without thinking fascinates me!

Now I design high-converting websites for small business owners and entrepreneurs and teach other web designers how to do the same.

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